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Your LOCAL Mortgage Experts

Your LOCAL Mortgage Experts
The Prosperity Advantage

The Prosperity Advantage lies with our talented, committed professionals who work together to deliver the promise of extraordinary service to our customers and business partners:

  • LOCAL Mortgage Consultants – Located in over 150 branches throughout 12 states and the District of Columbia (DE, GA, IN, MD, MI, NJ, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV and Washington DC) . We understand your market, we understand your real estate agents and builders. We are fully dedicated to stay ahead of the competition with industry news, database marketing, advertisements and campaigns.
  • LOCAL Processing/Underwriting – Experienced, well-staffed, and located in 5 regional offices for loan processing, underwriting and closing. Our staff is trained to contribute to a positive customer experience with a goal of having closing documents to settlement at least 48 hours prior to closing. 
  • LOCAL Senior Leadership – All escalations for loan issues are made locally, and our managers are always available to help solve problems that arise during the loan process.

We can be defined by our peers and clients as a company with an extraordinary sales force and extraordinary relationships, who deliver an extraordinary customer experience!

Looking for a loan today? Consider the following Prosperity Advantages.....

Buyer Advantage -

  • If you are buying a home and want your home purchase offer to stand out to sellers, ask for the Prosperity Buyer AdvantageTM
  • By electing to participate, you can get much of the home financing process out of the way and obtain a fully-underwritten Commitment Letter before you even begin searching for a home. Plus it is NO COST to you and a must have in today's competitive real estate market

Two Step Advantage (15/15 ARM) -

  • ​Combines the low rate of an ARM with the stability of a fixed rate mortgage.
  • 30 year amortization with only ONE rate adjustment at the beginning of year 16; so it is fixed in two 15 year intervals, hence the name "Two Step".
  • This mortgage is ideal if:
    • You are considering a 15 year loan term but are concerned about the higher payments.
    • You want the lower payments offered by an ARM but are concerned about the risks associated with an adjustable rate mortgage
    • You are planning to move again in the next 15 years

5&5 Advantage (5/5 ARM) -

  • Fixed Interest Rate for the first 5 years of the loan.
  • Interest Rate may adjust only once each 5 year period.
  • 5% lifetime cap above start rate over the life of the loan

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