For instructions on where to make payments and for general inquiries, please refer to your first payment letter/coupon or the table below.
If your loan # begins with:
Standard mail:
(Please include your loan number and payment coupon if available)
PHM Loan Servicing PO Box 222503 Chantilly, VA 20153
PHM Loan Servicing PO Box 105178
Atlanta, GA 30348-5178
Online payment:
(Please include your loan number and payment coupon if available)
General questions:
(Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm EST)

Common question

I received a letter in the mail about making payments to a different company – why?
Prosperity partners with industry leading loan servicers who specialize in the collection and processing of mortgage and tax payments. Most of our loans are not serviced long term by Prosperity but transferred to fully vetted third parties who will take over the servicing of your loan.  Please refer to the letters you received for information on how to contact your new servicer.  As always, please contact the Prosperity Loan Servicing Department should you have any questions.